The Colors of Bodega Head

Whale watching and vibrant colors await you at Bodega Head on the Sonoma Coast.    You can drive up a mountainside to a wide open view of the Pacific where you will find whale watchers staring dutifully at the ocean.  I didn’t see any whales but can’t say I gave it anymore than just a few minutes of my attention.

There is a hike that takes you away from the whale watching area to Horseshoe Cove Overlook. It’s not a difficult hike except you need to be very careful of the steep cliffs.  And, if you are allergic to bees, you may want to pass on this one.  The hike takes you through wildflowers that are as high as four feet. I saw a lot of bees but none was interested in me.

You will be moved by the abundance of color: the blue waters of the Pacific, the vivid white spray as it crashes against the rocks and the flowers.  The flowers are brilliant.  The closer you get to the Overlook, the less you hear the ocean. Once there, it is a beautiful silence – a reward for making it to the top.

On the way back, I recommend a stop at the Spud Point Crab Company for some of the best clam chowder I have ever had. Couple that with a delicious dungeness crab sandwich on sourdough bread and it is time for a nap!

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